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9.16.15 by

What Bible should I buy for my preteen?

In Preteen Ministry each week, we stress the importance of bringing a Bible to church. We have Bibles that they can borrow while in class, but we encourage students to bring their own Bible and read it in class as well as at home. The helps them to be familiar with their Bible, and personalize passages if desired.

If your preteen still has a children's Bible, or has an "adult" or "big church" Bible, they may be less inclined to carry it with them. It is a worthwhile investment to make a trip to the store, with them in tow, and buy a Bible that appeals to them, at their maturity and reading level right now. Study Bibles that contain all 66 books and some devotionals or additional age appropriate information are great. Pick a translation that is easy for them to read and interesting for them to look at. Even if it's a translation that does not match up exactly with the pastor's sermon! The goal is for them to be able to read and understand it for personal study time on their own. See the picture below for good Bibles for 10-12 year olds.