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1.21.16 by

Preteen Missions on Wednesday Nights

As a ministry leader, my desire is to see students become people who love and serve others with the heart of Jesus. Of course, I want them to become these people without experiencing a lot of personal pain, loss, or risk. But in reality, I know it means that I hope God disturbs my students’ sense of identity, their understanding of how they fit in the neighborhood and world, and how they live out their calling.

Parents certainly feel this tension often. Comfort, safety, and assurance of security often trump the way of Jesus that calls us to give ourselves away in service to the poor and hurting. We all need help figuring this out. That’s why we are so glad to experience Compassion International’s new program, Step Into My Shoes.

Step Into My Shoes is an invitation to experience life through the eyes of a family across the world and process what it means for your family’s life in your own neighborhood. No passport required.

This is a resource we can use to help your family create discussions at the dinner table, at bedtime, and through fun hands-on family activities. With our busy lives, we sometimes need a story that reminds us that simplicity leads to joy and that the opposite of poverty is not wealth, it’s discovering God’s idea of enough.

That’s where Step Into My Shoes comes in! Developed by Compassion International and Fuller Seminary, Step Into My Shoes uses videos and activities to bring us into the lives of a Ugandan family and help us learn about contentment (how much is enough) and what God is calling us to do to help the poor, both locally and internationally.

To be clear, the goal of this project isn’t to get you or your family to sponsor more kids through Compassion. While that might be a step you want to take, the hope is simply that each family and each person will take one next step - whatever that step might be, locally or globally - toward helping children in need. That’s something we can all rally behind.

We will incorporate this program on Wednesday nights in addition to our partnership with the Huntsville Inner City Learning Center. The basic rotation will be this: We will take a concept or Bible story from those lessons one week and prepare the following week in small groups for the students to help present it the third week to the kids at the Learning Center.

The dates we will be going to the Learning Center will be February 3, 24; March 16, 23, 30; April 20 and May 11. We invite you to join us on this journey! You can participate at home, in class with us, or at the Learning Center. Contact me to find out how!

Angela Edwards
Director of Preteen Ministry
256-883-0907 Ext 208