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3.21.16 by

Why Preteens Dont Think Easter is a Big Deal

“Why do we celebrate Easter at all? It was on the Cross that Jesus paid for our sins and made a way for us to have eternal life. What’s the big deal about Jesus raising from the dead?” I would venture to say that most preteens don’t understand why we celebrate Easter.

I don’t think it’s enough to say to our preteens, “We celebrate Easter because Jesus rose from grave.”

I think we need to help our preteens understand WHY that is such a big deal; WHY his resurrection is a reason for us to celebrate.

The importance of the Resurrection cannot be understated. Easter is important! The Resurrection is important!

Let’s help the preteens in our life understand why. Take a few minutes to read this article from to see how to use illustrations to help a preteen grasp the importance of the resurrection this Easter!

Angela Edwards
Director of Preteen Ministry
256-883-0907 Ext 208