Vision Statement

Our vision for Willowbrook Students is to graduate students with an understanding of their identity in Christ, an ownership of what they believe, and a passion for making much of Christ with their lives. We believe this vision statement gives a clear view of our desire to send students into their communities well equipped for the work God has ahead of them.

Identify. Ownership.  Passion.


Scripture teaches that upon salvation, we are given a new identity that is founded in being a child of God. Our hope is for students to find their identity in Him rather than in the things of this world. When students have a new understanding of who they are in Christ, it fundamentally changes their view of the world.


We desire to see students take ownership of their faith; meaning they know what they believe, why they believe it, and they are ready to defend it. We believe that owning their faith will lead students to a deeper relationship with Christ.


Passionate hearts stem from a new identity in Christ and an ownership of saving faith. We long for students to be passionate about knowing Christ and becoming more like Him. We believe that this passion will move students toward a life where Christ is made known in and through them.