Willowbrook Students exists to reach youth with the gospel, equip them to grow in their faith, send them to make disciples and serve others.


We believe building relationships is vital to reaching students. We desire to build relationships by being involved in their lives in and outside of church. Spending time together at ballgames, recitals, meals, and other activities offers us the opportunity to point them to Christ.


When a student begins a relationship with Christ, it is our goal to equip them to grow in their faith. Our programs and events center around this purpose through sound Biblical teaching and discipleship. Because we believe that discipleship starts in the home, we want to partner with parents in this effort.


As followers of Christ, we are called to go and make disciples. Because of this calling, it is our mission to send students out into their schools, neighborhoods and even around the world to share gospel and equip others with God’s truth (or “to walk with Christ”).