Willowbrook Preteen Ministry desires to emphasize the need for students to look beyond themselves and live life on mission. We strive to introduce local mission opportunities that students can participate in year round, encouraging them to find a ministry to support with their families as well. When not serving in and for the community, preteens are involved in ongoing mission education, helping them learn how to impact the world around them with the gospel.

Middle School

During the two years students are involved in Willowbrook Students' Middle School Ministry, they are taught the importance of sharing the gospel of Christ, and they are also equipped with tangible ways to share their faith. With this understanding, students are encouraged to view wherever God has placed them as their "mission field," whether that is at dance, baseball, band, choir, or football. In addition to local missions, 7-8th grade students are given the opportunity each year to travel domestically on mission. This trip allows students to show and share the love of Jesus in an entirely different setting and culture. Whether it is local or domestic missions, our focus is to make the name of Jesus known through sharing the gospel, and through serving and loving others. 

High School

In Willowbrook Students’ High School Ministry, students are given an opportunity not only to minister the gospel of Christ stateside, but around the world. While keeping a strong focus on local and domestic missions, 9th - 12th graders also embark on international trips across the globe. Teams traveling abroad will experience first hand how God is at work in the lives of people living in drastically different cultures. Our focus is to help our ministry partners share the gospel with excellence.