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8.27.15 by

Dawn of a New School Year

A lot has happened this fall already! As your family gets settled into the new school year and a new routine remember that here at Willowbrook Students High School Ministry we are geared up with fresh topics, events and curriculum for students too. We thrive when teens are engaged and attending regularly. Plus we just plain love hanging out with you! So make sure to stay plugged in this fall - we want to see God work in the lives of teenagers!

Here's a quick view of our curriculum for this semester:

  • Sunday mornings we are moving through the Bible chronologically with our curriculum "The Gospel Project" from Lifeway.
  • Sunday nights we have been covering our purpose as a church, including evangelism, ministry and the like. Beginning on September 6th we will start Legends of the Pit for 4 weeks. More on that below.
  • Wednesday nights we have been focusing on "What Is the Gospel?" We have explored how to define it, own it, believe it and live it. It has been a great study!


As for events, we begin our biggest outreach of the year in September, the aforementioned Legends of the Pit! Please join us in prayer for this event as around 250 high school students join us each Sunday night for crazy, messy games in the pit behind the church. We also get a chance to share the gospel via devotions and testimonies during these nights. What an opportunity! It all starts at 6p each Sunday night. Go check out the event here to see more details. Also check out this YouTube video that sums up Legends in around a minute!


As always, please contact me with any questions or concerns. I'm grateful and humbled to partner with you in the spiritual development of your teenagers.